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Welcome to Brads 911 Investigation, Pentagon WTC Photo and Video Analysis !

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There were many strange events around the day of 911, and many strange photos following.
I will attempt to bring these discrepancies to light. This may bring about more questions than answers, but in any investigation it is good to have all of the evidence at hand.

The page is meant for the reader to come to their own conclusion, though I may make comments, these are just some ideas I believe should be investigated more in depth by our own Government.
This page is meant to work in concert with other pages to share photos and ideas. If you have any links you would like me to add to these pages, please feel free to email me.
I link to MANY sites as i feel the reader should have the most information possible.

Site History:
In speaking with many whom were wondering about the exact happenings on Sept 11th,
many emails were being passed around with pictures. Many of these photos were fuzzy and dark.
 Instead of using emails to send the pics back, I decided that it would be easier to put them on a web page.
I used ACDsee and Photoshop to change the size, brighness and contrast levels so they could be viewed easier
and put them on the web for easy access. Originally, the page was never intended for the general public,
 but since the links were sent around the web, I created (this) index page.

Most of the pictures were sent to me via email, many were from the web as well.
I have tried to credit authors from where I have received them.
If anyone lays claim to a photo, or other material which is yours and would like me to credit you or take it down,
 i will try to comply with any serious request.
You can email me at
(also see bottom of page for diclaimer and TOS)

A note about conspiracy theories...
This site is not intended to find out "who dunnit" but to bring light to what appears to be inconsistencies that our Government has told us
vs. the pictures, witness testimonies and other evidence, some of  which points in a different direction.
If you have a hard time believing "Conspiracy Theories"
Or think that everyone who thinks that no Boeing hit the Pentagon also believes in Aliens, then read this...
Gerard Holmgren Debunking Conspiracy Theorists

If you think there are some oddities surounding the day of Sept 11th, and that youv'e seen most of them, you have probabally just started. Read the next 10-12 articles, then review the airgames site and i think you will come to the conclusion that someones got some splainin to do !

World Premiere -WoodyBox: How to steal an airliner and fake a hijacking
This "official" version of what happened on September 11, 2001, has been challenged by many people. Here is a short and incomplete list of objections, most of them still not addressed by officials responsible for the clearing up of the crime:
- The names of the hijackers don't appear on the passenger list
- There is no video footage of the hijackers passing the security check at the airport
- The flying skills of the alleged pilot Mohammed Atta were hardly sufficient to hit the Tower
- The hijackers didn't choose the optimal flight path, i.e., the shortest way to New York City (more...)

NEW Plane Swap: Part 1, Flight 11 Goes the Wrong Direction

NEW  "The Secret Hijacking
The Fifth Plane landed in Cleveland..."
(Woody Box)
In the morning of September 11, Delta Flight 1989 made an emergency landing at Cleveland Airport. This is a well established fact. Less known to the public is that another airplane landed under similar circumstances about half an hour later, on a different runway.

The Cleveland Airport Mystery
Inmidst the chaos breaking out in the hours after the WTC and Pentagon attacks, between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m an airplane made an emergency landing at Cleveland Hopkins Airport . Rumours were going around that it was hijacked or had a bomb on board. The FBI evacuated the plane and searched it with bomb-sniffing dogs after the passengers had left. It turned out to be false alarm. The plane - Delta flight1989 - was not hijacked, and there was no bomb. However, a closer examination reveals a bunch of conflicting statements concerning Delta 1989
This article will prove that not one, but two planes made an emergency landing in Cleveland - in close succession

Michael Kane: "9/11 War Games – No Coincidence"
by Michael Kane -June 08
(special thanks to Barbara Honegger for her early work on this line of research)
“I have an on-the-record statement from someone in NORAD that on the day of 9/11 The Joint Chiefs of Staff (Richard B. Myers) and NORAD were conducting a joint, live-fly, hijack Field Training Exercise (FTX) which involved at least one (and almost certainly many more) aircraft under US control that was posing as a hijacked airliner”. Mike Ruppert – June 5, 2004, editor of FTW
Researchers Nico Haupt & Woody Box have done a detailed analysis
based entirely on mainstream accounts and eye witness statements showing
that, while the official account has Flight 11 being boarded at gate 26,
the flight actually took off from gate 32.
However, no passengers
actually boarded at gate 32, instead boarding at gate 26...

Air Traffic Control Center Ronkonkoma- Red Herring or Cover-up?
What does the FAA have to hide?

"Flight 11 - The Twin Flight"
What gate did flight 11 take off from?There seems to be a BIG contraversy,
 more like it took off from 2 gates
(yes 2 flight 11's!!!)

Betty Ong call !!!
I cant believe i had not seen this before. In listening to the call with Nydia talking to the AA security officer (not the original Ong call, but the second recording), something did not sound right to me.The AA officer asks her about 2 passengers. At that point, she (Nydia) had not mentioned anything about 2 passengers ?? (many comments posted here)...

Security at Dulles AGAIN - AND- flight 91 and flight 93 !
18 (or more?) people were "NOT SUPPOSED TO FLT THAT DAY" on flight 93.
flight 91 was cancelled due to other problems, and many may have been transferred to flight 93.
So how many passengers bought tickets for flight 93 ahead of time? ANY?

Why were flights 11 and 77 not in the database for Sept 11th?
What really happened to American Airlines Flights 11 and 77 on Sept 11, 2001?

Some inconsistancies about airplane arrival times and statistics, info from the website.
Did some airports know the day before something was fishy??  it looks like 612UA had 2 hours missing from the flight the night before?

transcript of call from flight 11 with comments... (great thread)

Ongoing investigation into the flights:
Operation 9-11: Find the Rendezvous Points

New, flight explorer oddities... (still under construction)
What do we know about the flight maps we were shown from the 911 planes?
The maps and the flight transcripts do not match...
Plane swapping? remote control ? Not as crazy as it sounds !
Many people now considering the real possibillity that no-757 hit the Pentagon.
If this is true, then someone has been duped (besides the public), it is also then true that someone is covering up evidence.
If flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon, then where did it go? If the information from ATC, the FAA and other sources are wrong about this, then they could easily be wrong about the other 911 planes. If the transpoder code is off, and there is another plane close to the plane being tracked, they could appear as one blip according to the radar. One plane may have been a few thousand feet above or below the other, and as far as the controllers would know, it would be the same plane.
 (thus a "plane swap").
The 911 planes just happen to cross eash others path that day. There were also several "
war games" being played by our government. (just a coincidence!). One of those games included the "fake" hijacking of aircraft.
-Flight 175
Minutes later, U175 turned Southwest without clearance from ATC.
Seconds after AA 11 impacted the tower, U175's transponder code changed, then changed again.
These changes were not noticed for several minuites however,
 becuase the same controller was in charge of both flight 11 and 175

-Flight 93

The estimated arrival times starting at 2:15pm then it changes SOUTH of Pitt, well after it was hijacked and a new flight plan was filed to 10:28
it stays around that time, until the last blip which indicates 9:34 as the ETA, BUT it crashed much later than that.
Why do the transcripts show a different time than the maps for the ETA and the destination Airport?
How could the ETA show 9:34 when it was well after that at the time of
the crash? Also, the map shows the plane going over 400mph at the time of the crash (93).
This is when eyewitneses said it had slowed down? Was it reporting a different plane? Perhaps a war games plane?
How hard would it be to turn off a transponder, and have a plane fly over another (hijacked plane) and confuse the radar?
Radar will see only 1 blip, if the planes are too close to each other !

weblog about flight explorer

href="">9/11 War Games - No Coincidence
Ashcroft decided not to take a commercial jet due to security concerns on a report from July 2001
Why was a private plane owned by Warren Buffet near flight 93?
Did Maj. Rick Gibney shoot down F93?
911 Redux: American Airlines Flight 11, Reexamined
Joint Chiefs Rejected "Airplanes as Missiles" Scenario 5 Months prior to 9/11
The 911 "Truth" Movement on The Airforce Standown & WarGames

New confusion about AA77
Last week, the 9/11 commission claimed, that Lt. Col. Steve O'Brien, a
C-130 pilot from that morning of Sep11th,
claimed, he spotted the Boeing 757, and later reported, that it "crashed
into the Pentagon".
There is only one problem.
O'Brien would have been 17 miles away from Flight 93 when it crashed
and also followed and seen American flight 77 hit the Pentagon.

other grounded flights
Flight 77 - Transcript

New Meacher: The 9/11 Pakistan connection
There is evidence of foreign intelligence backing for the 9/11 hijackers.
Why is the US government so keen to cover it up?

INN Report...
All 911 updates from INN globalfreeepress.

 Pressing Question that could end all conspiracy theories (or prove them)
Cell Phone calls

There were several calls that day reportedly from cell phones and seat back phones.
It is possible from these calls to determine the EXACT place each plane was at any given time. This could end several discrepancies as to what time flight 77 hit the Pentagon
 (the time varies depending on what source you read).
It could give the EXACT path of all flights, as the transpoder codes were turned off, this has been somewhat of a grey area, especially for flights 93 and 77.
Most phones toiday are of the technology CDMA. In this technology the cell phone may "talk" to several gound stations (cell sites) at one time. Using triangulation, these calls can be pinpointed. With several calls happening at different times, this could provide very useful info.
It must be noted here, that the calls themselves are not recorded, but the time stamp, date, phone #, and electronic serial number (or ESN) of the phone is (for billing and other purposes).
This applies to CDMA phones (the most common in the US), but also applies to many other types. I do not know if the same applies to the seatback phones or not, but I would imagine that something similar is in place.
The calls information (for cell phones) are required by the FCC to be backed up, or reside in the "switch" at a local office for 3-5 years. (I forget the exact time, i believe the FCC may have changed it lately).

This could be a major breaking point in finding out what happened.
It would end discrepancies and theories such as plane swapping, remote control and the idea that some of the calls were faked or did not happen.

I urge that the info of these calls be released to the general public.

related threads....
9/11 Cellphone Calls - an Overview

were the calls real?, and what plane did they really come from ?

Cleveland Smoking Gun Proves “Arab Hijacker” Calls
From United Airlines Flight 93 Were Faked

(old) technical engineering discussions about the possibilities of cell calls on 911...
other cell info...

The Pentagon

These pages promote the possibility that no Boeing hit the Pentagon, and give support to the possibility of a small plane, missile, or explosive device. Most of these pages are NOT analytical in nature, mainly providing pictures, ideas and links for investigative purpose.While I am open on ideas about what happened, these pages are meant to help bring light to the photographic evidence and let the reader come to their own conclusion. There is compelling evidence that the planes may have been swapped and/or remote controlled.
( see  Operation Pearl)

Pentagon Analysis

Simplified sites to show the major problems of the idea that a 757 hit the Pentagon.

Mike J Wilson did a great job with the graphics here though its a pro-boeing site.
here is my site with his graphics and my interpretation.

Is this the perp?
Notice the curvature?
Not the size of a 757?
Many other pics with the SAME CURVATURE on this site....
Hi res image here...

Extreme close-ups of the pentagon wall, debris on the lawn,
different angles, the generator and the burned tree.

Close-ups of the lawn, wide angles, enhanced pics, close-ups of the red fire truck that was pumping water, then later was hauled off for being damaged so badly. Several pics of the cars in different positions. Extreme enhanced close-ups of the cable reels before the wall collapsed.

Close ups of the wall and lawn damage before and after the wall collapse at the pentagon.
Extreme close-ups and enhanced images of debris in the impact area.

Closeups of the generator. was it moved during the night?
 Is the scar on top of the generator seen in the first photos?

Comparisons of wall structure, the Purdue Simulation, Boeing Specs,
Government reports and photos of actual damage.

Specs on the Boeing 757-200 in relation to the wing tip height and height of the poles which were damaged.

Still photos from the Perdue simulations in contrast with photos of the wall column damage.

High res images and arial views of the Pentagon, Naval annex, surrounding areas, and trajectory of attack.

Photo analysis of discrepancies of the damage to the Pentagon wall columns.

Photos of debris and engine parts from the Pentagon and the WTC - great debris page...

Is this part of a 757 engine?
Small Turbine Disc -Pt.2

more Pentagon debris...

photos and graphics showing the "letter" piece of debris found on the Pentagon lawn.

The most convincing evidence in my mind that there was no Boeing that hit the Pentagon, is on this page. It shows several pics prior to, and just after the collapse of the wall. I can see no plane. Planes this size do not simply disappear. The official story from our Government says that the right wing hit above ground, higher than the left wing. If this were true, the main damage from the right wing should have been to the second story of the building. the pics tell a different story. The main damage to the right of the hole was at ground level and the main support columns which were damaged seem to be pushed OUT not in.
( does not support netscape )

Many of the photos on the web of the Pentagon are dark and blurry. I attempted to enhance some of the here.
An enhanced photo of the main explosion shows the Pentagon wall and a central explosion. Even in this enhanced view - mid explosion, one cannot see anything that resembles a plane. The enhanced views also show how small the hole was and the lack of damage to the wall before collapse.
The cable reels which were in front of the impact area, seemed not to have been damaged at all. If the plane came in at an angle, as most believe, these reels should have been demolished.
The impact on the building in pre-collapse photos show that the damage was done at ground level.
The bottom floor shows support structures that appear to be bulging outward instead of inward which they should .  Something had to cause these support columns to bulge outward.

This page shows the exit holes at the Pentagon.
size and analysis of the exit hole here...

Large photo enhancements of the Tom Horan pics, and other similar pics, showing discrepancies of where the impact was, the immediate damage, timeline of particular damage, and an odd piece of debris.

Penta cars and fire trucks.

Many of the vehicles and other debris were seen wandering around the yard.

The cars appear to have been moved, why ? were they moved back again into the damage for a photo-op ?Why ?

There were many curious things that were photographed at the Pentagon that day. There were at least 2 cars in the area of the explosion. It appears these cars were moved, possibly for safety, or to get the fire trucks in place, but it also appears that one car may have even been "swapped out" for some reason. The page shows inconsistencies with the photos taken at different times during that day.
(It also provides a little humor)

This page shows the fire truck that was parked at the Pentagon near the initial explosion. The truck is seen in different places, being used to spray water on the fire in some pics, on fire itself I others. One pic shows the truck being hauled off. If the truck took so much damage then how was it operable? This is also the truck that was reportedly used to shield several people who saw the plane coming in.
One point I think is interesting is that the initial placement of the truck was against the Pentagon wall. This would have shadowed the blast shown in the parking lot cam frames. One of those frames show clearly the blast between the tower and the Pentagon wall. The only other way to explain the parking lot photo is to say that the truck was engulfed in flames, but if that was so, the people using the truck for cover would also have been engulfed in flames and there was no report of that.

Was the cab that was hit by the falling light pole, was it moved ? Different views...
supporting that the cab may have been moved...
pole and taxi closeups...

Pentagon CCTV Gate Photos - Fake ?
There were reportedly 5 images released to the press.

Comparisons of different pics of the CCTV frames taken from the gate video.
Taken from a video at CNN website.
discussion and comments here...

More links on the CCTV video at the Pentagon...

Flight 77 Dulles gate security video  (closeups)

German Officials Claim-  The FBI told them a Missile hit the Pentagon !


After looking at thousnds of pictures over 2 years, I have become suspect of either image or video fakery, or both. Many of the pics and videos of the plane just before hitting the South tower just dont seem to add up. Keep in mind, that most of these were not taken at the same exact place or angle, and the page is not intended to be scientific proof of anything,  but it still proves interesting.  Perhaps there are a few altered photos out there?

More south tower images of the plane just before imapct.

Several different angles taken of the pane just before impact with the South tower
( does not support netscape )

Closeups of the plane entering the building

oddities of the angle of smoke prior to the 2nd plane hitting the tower.

The Miracle Zoom-Out

Flight 175 anomaly, the Boeing buldge.

The "POD" has been a BIG contraversy.
Many sites talk about it, but few have enhanced pics for the average reader to see.

On request, I obtained the best video I could and did a frame by frame analysis using filters and changing the contrast and gamma levels. The site is not intended to steer the reader, but to give the best stills of this video.

(some new pics, stills, and repeat pics as well, since the original POD site has bandwith problems)

(High quality enhanced stills) /

This site goes into detail showing the difference in the paint job, which should have shown a bright white stripe down the middle of the bottom of this plane (for a standard 767UA plane). all of the pics that day seem to show something different.
(there is also a lot of great info about the Pentagon and the building collapses)

an interesting closeup ! (related to the above site)

New news from the anomaly on flight 175
a new forum at Democratic Undergroundand page about
discussing previously unseen video (NEW?) of flight 175 just before hitting the tower.
interestingly, the stills are on the this
NIST .pdf link (appendixh.pdf)
The new stills were done by Scott Myers who also did a
review for Final Cut Pro ,
 a program that just happens to be capable of making an overlay (like the "building")
 and running prepared frames behind it. it seems he was also a JFK researcher,
 who's specialty was making
digital simulations (thanks to the Webfairy for this)

analysis here as well...

Boeing does not clear up the enigma of the second plane 

(old planebomb or POD site)

Since this has been such a contraversial topic. I want to make my stand clear here. I was asked to get the best video I could and do some stills. Some claims were that the object only appeared after it was hit by the sun. In changing the contrast, I was able to get these photos that show the object in question was there BEFORE it banked and was illuminated by the sun.
I do not know what it is, I simply did some stills upon request.

About Missiles...
I peronally have no idea, i have not researched this enough to give my opinion.

Do I think it should considered scientific proof?
No, at least not at this point.

Is it possible it is a reflection of the sun, or other anomaly?
Possible, yes, i would say so, but not likely. Several different videos show the same thing.
The idea was brought up that these pics were "photoshopped" in. This anomoly appears on several videos.
You can not "photoshop" a video. If the videos that were shown around the world on 911 and soon after were altered,
we have a differnt type problem on our hands.

What else could it be?
Possibally an antenna?  
Col Grande Pre mentioned the need for AWACS to pull off a remote control "hijacking".
Further it could have been used to "stealth" the plane from radar.

DGP:  These planes were being piloted by remote control, probably an AWACs aircraft taking over that airplane or airplanes or drones, unmanned drones. And flying them at 5 and 8 G-force that no pilot could withstand. So, in short, and if you read books 2 and 3, you will discover how and why this came about.

Closeup of what appears to be a missile being fired before hitting the WTC...
note: this MAY  be a ghost from the next frame in the series,
if you look closely, you can see a ghost just above and below the white part in front of the plane.

Good thread here about the possibility of a missile launching just before the plane strikes the building.
WHY? So there would be no evidence left, of the plane?? (which may not have been flight 175?)

full page... 

(projectiles page2)

North Tower flight 11

New from Marcus.

My new closeups of the first tower strike.

Marcus' previous page... anaysis of the 767 or whatzit.

Photoshop overlays of post damage photos
 in reference to the video taken of the North tower impact.

closeups of the North tower imapct from the video.
(this is one of the first sites I made, and is poor quality compared to some of the newer sites,
 but i will leave it up for reference purpose)

more closeups of the North tower imapct from the video.

Comparisons of the wall damage and plane images,
with help from Marcus...

North tower images.

NEW pedestrian reaction to FIRST hit

NEW Commentary on Naudet 911 By Ray Ubinger

great first hit analysis from the webfairy


New photos of debris, several differnt angles and closeups of the engine.
all debris photos i could find from the WTC planes

Photoshop overlay of the wall damage vs the FEMA report.
aslso overlays with the video stills.

Closeup pics to the wall damage of the WTC's from different angles.
( does not support netscape )

Other pics of the wall and damage...
( does not support netscape )

The FEMA report shows little damage to the structures of the WTC's.
This page shows the damage stated by the report side by side with photos of the real damage.
 Decide for yourself if it is accurate.
( does not support netscape )

The 2 videos show that there may have been an explosion several floors above the impact of the plane!
This has serious implications that either a missile struck, or a bomb went off.
 The plane hit between the 94th and 98th floors according to the FEMA report. This explosion was between the 106th and 110th floors.
(There was a report and video showing that the bottom floors of the North tower (lobby area) was badly damaged. Windows were blown out. It has been commented that the fuel from the plane came down the elevator shafts and exploded on the bottom floor. The problem with this being that there is no 1 elevator shaft that went from the ground floor to the floors hit by the plane.
( does not support netscape )

This page shows stills from 2 videos. One shows the 2nd impact from a side view.
The wings should have sheared off since this plane came in at an angle, Tip to tip the wings would have spanned several floors and the continuous floor structure would have presented a great resistance to the wings staying intact with the fuselage. Since the gas tanks on a Boeing 767 are on the wings and about 90ft apart from each other, the main explosions should have stayed in the building and not exited the other side. The pics however shows a large explosion and fireball exiting the building.
There were also several large objects exiting the building, one in particular seemed to leave its own fire trail and exited with force. It may be possible it was an engine, but the close-ups indicate otherwise.

This page shows video stills of the 2nd plane exiting the building. A very large object, which at first appears to be the nose of the plane, seems to begin its exit then explode. If the nose of the plane and front part of the fuselage made it through the building without hitting any major support structures, elevator shafts, or going through the floors, then it simply should have exited and fell to the ground. This object seems to have created its own explosion on exit of the building.

WTC building 7, this page also shows projectiles from the 2nd impact of the WTC.
Several of the objects were seen moving toward building 7.

Video stills of what a appear to be exposive charges going off bringing about the collapse of the WTC.

Some pics that appear to be charges going off in the WTC's

Many web pages seem to show the same photos from the WTC over and over again.
There were many photos taken that were not shown because of aesthetics or other reasons.
This page has some pics that have not been and also some oddities that I have found.

Another page of WTC oddities, unexplained objects,
and several photos of the 2nd plane from different angles.

hi-res photos of the building exploding, closeups of the spire,
 and what appears to be a missile shooting out of the South tower.

Strange and odd pics from 911.
Some of the objects i call "silver balls" I have identified as helicopters. (some not?)

I am not big on UFO's but there was a report and video that there was a UFO filmed before Sept 11th.
This page shows how that was a complete hoax.

Pics of the helicopters that were around the WTC that day. Extreme closeups.
( This shows that some of the oddites and UFO's were just choppers, though I have found some that were NOT)

Person seen in the hole of the Trade Tower.

Other WTC pics and theories...

other interesting articles first, my pages below...
Webfairys new page....

NBC"TODAY"SHOW ON 9-11 Fire Dept NY Chief Reported BombsInBld&Planes
How Strong Is The Evidence For A Controlled Demolition?
WTC-7: The Improbable Collapse
The North Tower's Dust Cloud

NEW  WTC - the idea of large peices of debris being thrown far from the WTC has come up with some researchers lately.
large pieces of the WTC blown high and deep into neighboring buildings

See the revealing insurance industry 12 page PDF report at this URL:

Also, the idea of the suns position in relation tto the dhadows of the planes has been a topic...
Mr Grossman addresses this here (and several other problems)...
11. Analyzing The Sun Position At WTC2 (south tower) at 9:03 a.m. on 9-11-1:
Persistent Problems Of The 9-11 Dogma
By Dr. Stefan G. E. Grossmann 6-11-4

looking for something?
you can search several 911 sites here by keywords !
(this searches several 911 sites, and many articles as well)

And now for something completely different... (some humor)

Rumsfeld, Joint Cheifs, DOD Protocol and the Stand Down Order...
Attoricites at Abu Ghraib

The Webfairy has a great collection of flash videos here comparing the second hit videos...
several great comparisons from all angles of the South tower strike.

The 911 commission omissions. by Jack Straw

Some feelings about the commission by Andrew here...

Up to date news on Sept 11th investigation.
Physics911 Blogspot (my weblog)

Thanks to my freinds at Globalfreepress
Nico Haupt's page, latest upadtes on 911 news...

INN Report...
All 911 updates from INN globalfreeepress.

Pentagon - Other good research links...

Professor A. K. Dewdney's Overview:

The Five-Sided Fantasy Island
An analysis of the Pentagon explosion on 9-11
By Richard Stanley  & Jerry Russell

Gerard Holmgren's Pentagon Research
( Great analysis)
Updated !
More of  Holmgrens work...
Physical and Mathematical Analysis of the Pentagon Crash

Killtowns updated research with a great look into who were the passengers and crew?
Timelines, anaysis of the CCTV  video, many oddities are brought to light, and a debunking section,
which responds to the sites that pose the idea that a Boeing did hit the Pentagon.

The Attack on The Pentagon
by Leonard Spencer
Including eyewitness reports, anaysis of the debris,CCTV  video, and full summary examining all of the possibilities.

Site by Peter Myer

Dick Eastman
A detailed anaysis into the small plane or missle theory.

9-11 Pentagon Disaster
by Dr. Stefan Grossmann

Other great sites with full analysis....

Global Hawk?

CCTV Video analysis...
great comprehensive analysis here...
from the
more here...
and here !
and dont forget...

2 Great articles..Evidence that May Hang Bush
Found: The 911 "Stand Down Order"?
Hijacker shot passenger on Flight 11: FAA memo
New NIST WTC Fire Test didn't provide clear answers
What Did Bush Know On Sept 11?
The Official 9/11 Cover-up Guide
of the Kean Commission Hearings

Best new Links...

911 Truth Movement Musings (Watching the Watchers)

Commentary on Naudet 911 By Ray Ubinger (added new info)

Ralph O. has added new info

Steve Grossman

great new link, this guy thinks like me...

Please check out also:
Webfairy 9/11 Memorial, Webfairy Collection of Controlled Demolition (NEW) (most complete 911 timeline)
Hon. Cynthia McKinney

Serendipity /Plaguepuppy's Video Archive
Adelphia/Earthwatch Eric Bart Eric Bart Dick Eastman
Air Defenses Stood Down On 911 AFTER ATC Alerts Given

A bi-lingual site reviewing anomalies of the WTC and Pentagon attacks

Is There Evidence That Explosive Charges Were Used To Destroy The World Trade Center Towers?

FSC Statement Regarding the 9/11 Commission’s Hearings
Up to date news on independent investigations into 911

News about 9/11, the Iraq war...

Impeach Bush Links

In New Orleans ?
Greater New Orleans Green Party: Home Page

great new link, this guy thinks like me...

Never cease in the fight for peace, justice, and equality for all people. Be
perisitent in all that you do and don't allow anyone to
sway you from your conscience. ---Leonard Peltier

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